‘The Ed Crane Gravy Train’

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Cato Unhinged:

Notice something similar about all the pro-Cato bloggers?

Yes, that’s correct.

Almost every single person editorializing in favor of Cato’s position is either a current or former Cato employee.

Or a title-holder.

Same with the people promoting the Save Cato campaign on facebook.

But their stakes in this little lawsuit thing are all “impartial” and “independent” of any “conflict of interest” that could ever suggest they are in any way connected to or controlled by an ultra-wealthy DC-based political boss with over 30 years of high-dollar elbow rubbing in the smoky back rooms of federal power.

Rule #1 of any bloated DC bureaucracy peon: don’t bite the hand that feeds ya!

3:39 pm on April 3, 2012