The Economy Collapsed Just Yesterday

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What was Obama’s rush to sign the $787 Billion Stimulus plan? Why the phony rush to sign such an enormous spending bill that will affect generations for years to come? Was it because he was afraid that law makers may actually read the over 1000 pages before they actually signed it? Are you actually afraid that they might actually read it? Was it because Nancy Pelosi had to catch a plane to Rome, Italy on Friday night?

Glad we could accommodate our wise superiors and get Stimulus in Wonderland pushed through the pipes before anyone could read it so Obama & Friends could enjoy a nice, long weekend away. According to the Washington Post Obama had a 4-day weekend, and the New York Post states that it was a 3-day weekend. Minor details! America could have been saved had he signed it over the weekend, but now it’s too late and we’re all doomed.

5:59 am on February 17, 2009