The Decline of Political Protest

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Please don’t miss one of the most astute foreign affairs commentators of our time, Diana Johnstone, and her take on the The Decline of Political Protest, over at Counterpunch.

Ms. Johnstone points out the process of the human rights establishment becoming an arm of the US government and but another arrow in the quiver of the “global revolutions” that are the hallmark of US foreign policy. The distortion of language and meaning that comes from the US government literally infiltrating human rights organizations and turning their missions into policy goals of the American state.

Writes Johnstone in this highly recommended article:

“In its new phase, AI [Amnesty International], like Human Rights Watch and other Western “humanitarian” organizations, has ceased to make any distinction between genuine repression of dissident thinkers and the sort of repression that is triggered by deliberate provocation, that is, by actions whose sole purpose is precisely to provoke repression, in order to accuse a targeted regime of being repressive. The Serbian group “Otpor” pioneered this sort of action, following teachings of Gene Sharp. Actions which anywhere in the world would be considered disorderly conduct are elevated to the level of Victor Hugo eloquently defying Napoleon III.”

4:02 pm on August 28, 2012