The Debate in a Nutshell

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Writes Bryan Morton: “Lew, Liz and I got a howl out of that part of the debate as well. Every candidate down the line approved of the national ID until Dr. No, said, ‘No.’ Their reaction was like watching a rubber band snap back. I’m surprised no one got whiplash! Personally, I would have also liked to have asked them to cite one example of something which is ‘tamper proof.’ I was proud of the good doctor. He was, to my recollection, the only candidate who didn’t brown nose Ronald RayGun, and he stuck to answering the questions he was asked, instead of,

“‘Senator Blather, Do you think the government should fund gay manatee habitats?’

“‘Well, Chris, as you know, 9/11…our freedom … terrorists … can’t be trusted … sharpened popsicle sticks …9/11 … Iraq … Iran … Al Ka Zowie … blah, blah, blah …’

“I have a couple of questions for the people who host these debates. Is there some reason, in this high tech age, that they can’t put a timer on the candidates’ microphones that automatically turns it off when their time has elapsed? Or how about a mute button on the moderator’s podium for when the candidates stray from the question at hand?”

8:14 am on May 5, 2007

The Debate in a Nutshell

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McBama favors the Billionaire Bailout.

McBama won’t say what programs have to be cut to pay for the Billionaire Bailout.

McBama thinks “we should never hesitate to use military force.”

McBama wants to escalate the other unwinnable “land war in Asia” (Afghanistan).

McBama is not sure about whether to start a third unwinnable land war in Asia, against nuclear power Pakistan.

McBama would go to war against Iran for the sake of Israel if necessary. He is not sure if he wants to talk with the Iranians before bombing them.

McBama thinks that Russia is the villain in Georgia.

And the winner of the debate is: Ron Paul, who said recently that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.

8:00 am on September 27, 2008