The Dark House (2009)

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I expect very, very few readers have seen the Polish movie “The Dark House” (Dom Zly) co-written and directed by Wojciech Smarzowski. My immediate reaction was “These people are crazy!” when I saw the comic/tragic depiction of how people were carrying on in Poland 1978-1982 under Communist rule. The movie shows how police are investigating a crime and how corruption and continual vodka drinking by everyone runs rampant. In one hilarious scene, the police line up at a crime scene in a farm house while a woman dishes out shots of vodka for them. In another very funny sequence, a farmer and his guest are into their third bottle of vodka while concocting a moonshine scheme and making the business calculations of the rapid return of their investment capital by selling to Russian soldiers at a nearby base. The farmer is using peas in his still and they decide to pay off a corrupt collective farm to get sugar.

When the government makes crazy rules, people seem to act crazy to get around the rules, and sometimes the rules are so bad that cynicism prevails and they do act crazy. I could not help but reflect how far this process has penetrated the behavior of Americans. The proverbial man from Mars would be seeing babies, children and grandmothers being searched at airports, underware and shampoo bottles being regarded as possible instruments of mass destruction, and people being persecuted for revealing what citizens have to know in order to have any influence on their government. They would observe insane people called neocons (like McCain and Graham) calling for American invasions in places where few Americans even go, supposedly on behalf of the safety of Americans supposedly threatened by people whose minds are preoccupied with their daily lives.

8:44 am on June 18, 2013