Our Corruptos Cheer Their Own

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Mexican President Calderon addresses Congress, where they cheer him instead of instructing the Sergeant-at-Arms to throw him out.

One interesting note: Foreign heads of state addressing Congress customarily speak in their country’s language. For instance, King Juan Carlos of Spain, who speaks perfect Oxford English, addresses the Congress in Spanish.

How to account for Calderon’s anomaly? It’s simple. Mexico has foreign agents crawling all over Washington. One of them was undoubtedly paid a couple hundred grand to write this prevaricating tirade, and there was evidently no time to translate it into Spanish. The Beltway Bandit handling the account — no doubt as immersed in slime as Calderon’s elitist cadre — probably pocketed the money after having an intern write it.

12:42 pm on May 20, 2010