The Conservative Cliff…

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…off of which National Review fell into the Beltway Hot Tub many moons ago,with a thud.

Today its editor nominates a bold, new, intellectually scintillating pantheon of models for the next Secretary of State — one steeped in the illustrious achievements and talents (and I am not making this up) of none other than Henry Kissinger and James Baker III. Apparently, we haven’t had enough wars yet. And hey, what happened to Obama the “Born-Again Neocon“?

Who stoops to write this unseemly treacle and pour it into the dessicated husk of what was once conservatism? Tawdry little trough-dwelling pawns, that’s who. And why? Well, their website says they desperately need money — and Kissinger and Baker are men of means whose (ahem) confidential clients have even more means. Perhaps this is the first draft of a high-dollar direct-mail piece.

The website goes on to say that NR is a for-profit entity. Have they sold to the highest bidder?

8:28 am on December 20, 2012