The Conservatives don’t disappoint

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I received some of the highest volume of email ever from my article on Conservatives from Monday.

What most surprised me was how many libertarians there are out there who haven’t fallen for the Conservative charade.

The Conservatives who wrote me, on the other hand, proved themselves to be impervious to facts again and again, and indeed proved that my article did not create a caricature of Conservatives.

This comment (from someone in North Carolina who wouldn’t give his name) was typical:

“I assume YOU FULLY AGREE with everything the Democrat party preaches – just continue to learn what to think instead of how to think.”

Yup, Bubba, I’m a Democrat. I’m just a really confused one since I’ve spent the last nine years writing for an “anti-state,” “pro-market” web site. And then there were all the Conservatives who were trying to rationalize and defend Bush’s massive deficits and endless spending of taxpayer money. They sent me charts and graphs, and other “proof” that Bush was really a budget slasher. You can’t make this stuff up.

And there was the obscenity. Apparently, the favorite “argument” employed by Conservatives is the word “bulls**t.” Followed by nothing. Wow. You decimated my argument!

All I can say in response to the Conservatives (well, to those who are smarter than the “you’re a Democrat” geniuses):

Prove me wrong. Refuse to support any candidate who doesn’t have a well established record of slashing government spending. (All spending, not just the spending that doesn’t go to your favorite special interests like the Pentagon.) I’ll make it simple for you: Only support Candidates who pledge to act like Ron Paul.

Then maybe just maybe your claim that you’re all a bunch of principled opponents of big government might have the tiniest bit of credibility. But I won’t hold my breath.

10:48 pm on April 22, 2009