The Compelling ‘Logic’ of Sean Hannity

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I listened to about 5 minutes of Sean Hannity on the car radio today, and the subject just happened to be Ron Paul’s performance at the South Carolina Republican debate. A caller who identified herself as a Jewish American said that Ron was “great” when he said the U.S. government should end all foreign aid to Israel (and all other countries). “It always comes with strings attached,” she said, so that ending the aid would enable Israel to become more independent of the American empire.

Hannity’s response was to be all in favor of continuing foreign “aid” to Israel ($3.2 billion last year) for two reasons: 1) Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East; and 2) Israel is an American ally.

According to Hannity’s third-grade logic, if the “aid” were discontinued, then: 1) Israel would cease being a democracy; and 2) It would no longer be a U.S. ally. According to this “reasoning” the aid is nothing more than a shabby shakedown by the Israeli government, which would presumably become an “ally” of China or Russia if the “aid” were discontinued.

Here’s an assignment for Donald Trump: Find out if Hannity actually possesses an elementary school graduation diploma.

6:31 pm on May 6, 2011