The Commons, One More Time

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Stephan might be right that libertarianism doesn’t require you to pick a specific second-best solution. However, as a libertarian, I tend to favor solutions that reduce aggression. Reminds me of Rothbard’s recommendation from “For a New Liberty” when he says that

the libertarian must never allow himself to be trapped into any sort of proposal for “positive” governmental action; in his perspective, the role of government should only be to remove itself from all spheres of society just as rapidly as it can be pressured to do so.

The government is not going away in this case, yet it seems to me that a (new) policy that prohibits feeding the hungry increases government influence, aggression against innocents, and almost always some form of taxation, and thus I personally think those things are not very libertarian and am opposed to them.

6:20 pm on July 20, 2006