The Cockroaches That Are Cops

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Responding to my lament that the TSA is once again overstepping its already-unconstitutional “mandate” by issuing an “all-points bulletin” for Christopher Dorner, one of LRC’s astute readers also points to the million-dollar reward on his head to reach a very heartening conclusion:

…it’s amusing to see how scared they all are about this one guy.

Gives you hope of what might happen if Americans finally do get fed up with all of their unconstitutional, tyrannical acts.

Hear, hear! Never forget, folks, Our Rulers are crybabies and bullies. They’re used to having their way on everything, all the time, and crumble when they don’t. Take away their whistles, hats, and funny costumes, and they revert to the vermin they always were, desperately fleeing for the filth that protects them.


9:19 am on February 11, 2013