The Christian Science Monitor on Ron Paul

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While one can’t agree with everything in this article, it’s an example of why the CSM has long been known for its serious, intelligent coverage:

“Ron Paul still looks surprised when his calls to follow the Constitution and restore a sound currency set off whoops of approval at a campaign stop.

“The 10-term GOP congressman from Texas has been making these points for 30 years, with little to show for it beyond hundreds of House votes on the short end of 434 to 1. Critics called him a crank.

“But lately, his views and values – the product of a lifetime of intense, self-directed study – are finding an audience. His message is basic: freedom and limited government. Repeal the welfare-warfare state. Get out of Iraq, now. Abolish the income tax. End the war on drugs. Put the dollar back on a more solid footing.”

Read the rest, and how neat to see Murray Rothbard’s phrase “the welfare-warfare state” used in a news article in a matter-of-fact way!

5:56 am on January 1, 2008