The Chickenhawk Serenade

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Tom: It may be time for Hannity and Giuliani to show the depth of their sincerity in wanting to go to war with Iran. Perhaps they could show leadership by undertaking the invasion themselves. Like the Americans who flew with the “Flying Tigers” and the RAF prior to U.S. entry into World War II, they could constitute a volunteer “American expeditionary force” and attack the Iranians themselves. Perhaps they could borrow from the movie, “Dr. Strangelove,” and — emulating Slim Pickens — parachute over Tehran, handcuffed together with a suitcase nuclear bomb (the neocons tell us such weapons are readily available everywhere, particularly at U.S. airports). While it may be more fun — and safer — to commit OTHER people to die, these two could demonstrate the depth of their commitments by not awaiting the decision of others.

But don’t count on any such show of courage on their part. When it comes to exposing themselves to harm, the neocons best express Charles Edward Montague’s thoughts: “War hath no fury like a noncombatant.”

2:07 pm on February 7, 2012