The Caravan Keeps Rolling

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Each day brings us the name of another GOP presidential hopeful, many of whom I have never heard. I expect some new candidate to be added to the list tomorrow — July 4th would give special meaning to the announcement. There is a rumor that Hulla Ballew — the County Weed Commissioner from Mud Flats, Kansas — might get into the race! In any event, the parrots on cable-TV newscasts will inform us of the many Republicans who have decided to run against President Obama.

The problem is, most of these people are entering the contest not to run against Obama, but against Ron Paul. Each will mouth a sound-bite that resembles a position Ron has taken on some issue, but without any of the consistency, integrity, or depth that inheres in his views that are so unsettling to the political establishment. As more and more “candidates” are induced to join in the circus, Ron — and, more importantly, his thinking — will get lost in the traffic.

An effective way for a retail business firm to neutralize the effects of a union strike would be to hire a great number of college students to join in the picketing, carrying signs that read “repent now!,” or “the world is coming to an end,” or “legalize marijuana,” or “what price free love?,” or any of a variety of similar distracting messages. Clowns could also be hired to hand out balloons to the children, etc. The pickets would still be able to convey their message, which would now be diluted by the carnival atmosphere.

It is Ron Paul’s message that the established order wants to keep from the minds of Americans. What better way to do this than to have a dozen or more candidates debating their bleary-eyed visions that pose no threat to the corporate-state owners, or to explain their gaffe about John Wayne Gacy?

11:24 am on July 3, 2011