The Canadians and Molon Labe

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In response to our conversation on guns, Christian Rix writes me that he’s “not so sure” New York’s rulers will grab ours: “Remember that the Canadian Gun Registry came a cropper because of massive non-compliance (by Canadians no less!).” And then, bless his heart, backs up his statement with this quote from Wikipedia: ‘The registration portion of the Firearms Act was implemented in 1995 and the  deadline for gun owners to register their non-restricted firearms was January 1,  2003.[7] Compliance was a dismal failure: Over 70% of all firearms in Canada  were never registered.[8]’ …  [8]

Christian adds, “Look at some of the articles appearing on this story — the ‘authorities’ in NY are actually worried about non-compliance. And they should be. The Canadians had to give up their attempt.”

Please God, let the State give up in this, but never us. Remember Waco, remember Ruby Ridge, remember the Jews’ desperate fighting in Warsaw’s ghetto and at Sobibor, remember black Americans robbed of self-defense as chattel slaves. Never, ever, ever give up your guns. Never.

4:45 pm on January 22, 2013