The Boston Marathon Bombing . . .

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. . . sounds like the work that one of Obama’s old friends and Chicago political supporters, William Ayers, was once engaged in.  Ayers was recently denied “emeritus status” by the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle because university trustee Robert Kennedy, Jr. objected to the fact that Ayers once dedicated a Communist Manifesto-style book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man imprisoned for murdering Robert Kennedy.

Ayers and his wife founded the 1960s terrorist group, The Weather Underground, and admitted to setting off bombs at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building.  He has more recently been hailed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a role model for  its “Teaching Tolerance” program that distributes materials for free to hundreds of public schools all across the U.S.  The SPLC once published a fawning interview with the confessed terrorist in which it expressed its “unconditional embrace” of the mad bomber and praised him as a “highly respected” figure in the  politically-correct indoctrination of school children known as “multicultural education.”   Of course, the real modus operandi of the Soviet Poverty Law Center is promoting intolerance and censorship of anything but its far-left, extremist, communistic political views by libeling and slandering any and all conservatives and libertarians as “hate groups” or worse.

It speaks volumes of modern academe that a university would have welcomed with open arms and hired as a professor a confessed terrorist who dedicated a book to a convicted murderer of a presidential candidate.

And isn’t it absurd that an organization like the Soviet Poverty Law Center purports to give advice to the Department of Homeland Security on terrorism issues while idolizing and associating with a confessed terrorist like Ayers?

10:16 pm on April 15, 2013