The Book Review That Wasn’t

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If there’s still anyone out there whose interest in Austrian economics has been piqued but who hasn’t pursued the matter, you really need to drop everything and get Gene Callahan’s Economics for Real People, available at Amazon.

When this book came out last year I meant to review it for an Internet outlet. It’s a perfect book for a non-economist to review (I’ve studied the Austrian school for ten years but my field is history), since he is in a good position to assess the usefulness and readability of an intro text. Yet other obligations always got in the way, and so no review.

It’s wonderfully written, captivating, and persuasive. If you don’t get one for yourself, it’s a useful proselytizing device — it can explain to friends and family, once and for all, why you’re so fascinated by a subject they’re convinced is so dull.

4:11 pm on September 22, 2003