The Black-Robed Deities of the Court Have Spoken

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The blabbering Obammunists in the media are repeating over and over again the mantra of the day that “the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional.”  Well, so what?  That doesn’t mean it’s desirable any more than the Fugitive Slave Act was desirable when it was also ruled constitutional in 1857 by an earlier Court.  In fact, what federal laws have NOT been ruled constitutional in say, the past 75 years?  In his book, The Constitution in Exile, Judge Napolitano pointed out that not one single federal law was ruled unconstitutional between 1937 and 1995.  How they doin’ since then?  One?  Two?  More laws than one can count on both hands?

Just as Jefferson feared, and as Hamilton wished, the “Supreme” Court long ago became a rubber stamp machine for the other two branches of government as long as what they are up to is expanding the size and scope of government at the expense of diminished liberty and prosperity.

So all the same people who have cheered on and assisted in every way they can the destruction of the constitution — the same people who mocked, ridiculed, and defamed Ron Paul for being a defender of the Constitution — are now posing as Jeffersonian Strict Constructionists in the name of health care socialism in particular, and socialism in general.

4:51 pm on October 3, 2013