The Bipartisan Empire

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Listening to yet another partisan debate between friends this morning in which some attack Bush’s invasion of Iraq and some defend it based on whether they are Republicans or Democrats I became very frustrated. I told them “Republicans… Democrats… It’s all B.S. Bush didn’t start the fire. The American Empire started in 1898 with the Spanish-American War. What’s tragic is that this empire of hundreds of military bases all around the world is going to bring collapse to our nation with consequences for our children and grand-children.”

If you oppose mass murder, how can you align yourself with either the Republican party or the Democratic party? Each party has contributed its part for many decades to this bipartisan Empire of death and destruction. While most Americans root for one party or the other like they root for their favourite football team, the Evil Empire grows in what was once the land of the free. It would be like Luke Skywalker spending his time rooting for the Emperor over Darth Vader or vice versa rather than doing what he should be doing… Shutting the Empire down!

11:12 am on January 22, 2004