The Biggest Lie . . .

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. . . told by the lying little twerp at the New York Times in his lame smear/libel of Ron and Rand Paul and the Mises Institute is his outrageous contention that the Mises Intitute espouses some kind of bizarre religious doctrine (un-named and unexplained by the twerp).  I have been associated with the Mises Institute for about 30 years as a faculty member, lecturer, online educator, author, and donor.  I have probably attended at least 90 percent of all the conferences sponsored by the Institute during that time period.  I have been a daily reader of ever since the Web site was started.  Never once have I heard or read of any kind of religious doctrine of any kind in any Mises Institute publication, speech, or other form of communication in the past 30 years.  No such thing exists, as anyone who is familiar with the Mises Institute knows.

The most likely source of this particular slander is a mentally-unbalanced former Cato Institute vice president for international junketeering and gay bar hopping who has been repeating this nonsense for at least the past five years or so to whoever will listen to him.  (When a central-European libertarian academic was asked why the Cato Institute sent this person to his country after the fall of communism, he said that his apparent “job” was to find out where all the gay bars were in his city).  This is a person who fancies himself an academic even though he has never spent a single day of his life in an academic job and has never published a single article in a peer-reviewed academic journal, a minimal prerequisite for any real academic.  Being such a loser and a phony, it is understandable that he would spend his time conniving with New York Times leftists to smear and slander others  who have achieved far more influence and intellectual success.

6:56 pm on January 28, 2014