The Big Grapple Continues

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More of the TSA’s thugs are descending for the grope-fest in the Big Apple, this time from Atlanta.

Says one, “I’m just concerned about the whole area … We’re coming to do our part to participate and to give all the support that we can.”

Truly, can even Leviathan’s slime be this moronic? Said sponges “work” for an agency that erects hoop after hoop of deeply offensive and even criminal harassment, fruitlessly delaying passengers. Then disaster strikes. You might think said agency would apologize for its nonsense and remove it so refugees can flee the area (as some wish to do. For example, many elderly New Yorkers  own or rent homes in Florida; after almost a week without power or heat, they’re throwing in the towel and flying south — or trying to). Instead, the TSA insists on the efficacy of its nonsense and continues forcing it on desperate people. Who but Our Rulers would define “help” as adding more gate-rapists?

6:11 am on November 3, 2012