The Best Thing About Being a TSA Functionary

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Writes Becky Akers:

The blogger posted this last year, but I just ran across it today and had to share it with you. A TSA screener in Salt Lake City writes as follows:

The best thing about the TSA is that though we do deal with the public every day, customer service is not a priority for us and we are told that on a regular basis….

We get briefed before every shift and at least twice a week they remind us that though customer service is good, it is not our priority.

We are federal security officers, and if you walk away from dealing with me and you are not happy its not going to hurt my job security at all.

The extract is from her comments in response to a reader, following the blog itself. Ya gotta love the TSA!

In government-speak, security means tyranny over us, so such bureaucracies attract those who love to lord it over others by threat and violence. The scum of the earth, in other words. Then imagine the sort of men and women who gladly work as torturers for the Pentagram and CIA, let alone as death squadists.

11:56 am on September 18, 2010