The Best SNL Skit I Ever Saw

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Does anyone remember an ancient Saturday Night Live skit from January 1982 (season 7, episode 9) featuring Dan Ackroyd as FDR, actor Robert Conrad (that week’s SNL guest host) as one of the president’s advisers, and Gilda Radner as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  FDR is seated at his Oval Office desk in the White House loudly complaining about not being able to get the U. S. involved in WWII.  Eleanor casually strolls in, spies a Coke on FDR’s desk, and proceeds to open it with her big buck teeth.  Conrad’s character informs FDR about our strategic military vulnerability at Pearl Harbor.  Just then two Japanese happen by and ask FDR, “excuse please, you happen to have pay phone?”  The skit suddenly ends but the overhead camera lingers upon the set as Ackroyd as the Polio-stricken FDR stands up and walks off stage.  It’s as if Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Callan Tansill, John T. Flynn and Murray Rothbard wrote this script slaughtering so many establishment sacred cows!  I have been looking for a clip of this incredible skit since it aired.

12:30 am on November 23, 2009