‘The Best of Triumph’ Magazine, 1966-1975

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Writes Florian Zalewski:

“Thank you for calling attention to the very neglected work of L. Brent Bozell.  I had the pleasure of meeting him around 1960  when our Marquette YGOP club invited him to speak.    Hearing him speak enticed me to become a reader of Triumph Magazine from, I think,  its very first to its last edition.   I still have all the issues.    I also attended a weekend seminar at the Shoenstatt center in the Milwaukee area in the early 1970’s that was conducted by Mr. Bozell and Warren Carroll of Christendom college.  It focused on restoring Christendom.    He was influential in me becoming a Catholic libertarian and later reinforced by reading Juan de Mariana, S.J.     Reading  Bozell took off the rough edges picked up from reading Rothbard and meeting him at the Mises University in 1987  and attending Robert LeFevre’s Freedon School in Colorado Springs.  I also have fond memories of meeting and chatting with Rose Wilder Lane while at Freedom School.     My intellectual development was also influenced from reading Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn and being his driver for one day during one of his Milwaukee speaking tours.”

Those unfamiliar with the work of Bozell might find it counter-intuitive that a Catholic traditionalist might impel people to become libertarians, but that seems to be a common reaction to Bozell. Some of this might be glimpsed in the introduction to Mustard Seeds when Bozell writes that  “during the nine years of its existence, Triumph magazine was the only serious opponent of the American state.”

Naturally intrigued by this description, I ordered a copy of the The Best of Triumph from Christendom Press that is 650 pages of Triumph articles:



My copy is “used” only in the academic sense, as it’s pretty obvious that whoever owned it before never actually opened it:



10:44 pm on January 21, 2014