The Belly Button Police State

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A young, female inmate of the Dallas government school system was charged with reckless conduct for … allegedly piercing the belly button of a classmate without the requisite licenses, facility, and permissions from the proper authorities. The girl, a self-starter and perhaps an aspiring autodidact, learned to do the piercing from YouTube (I suspect it was not Salman Khan!), bought the supplies online, and allegedly pierced the belly button of a classmate (horrors!), and then planned to perform the service for others. Here are some quotes from an article in the Daily Mail:

But two other students were found with piercing needles that led authorities to believe were going to be used by the girl, according to a police report.

Assistant Principal Gary Plunkett handed over 13 navel rings, a used needle and the two unused piercing needles from the students.

The needles were destroyed, according to authorities.

Police were keeping hold of the rest of the piercing materials.

I love this quote from the same article: “Police were alerted to the situation by a principal at the school, who called authorities to report that a student had pierced the navel that belonged to another student.” Umm, a navel that obviously belonged to its rightful owner who consented to the transaction? The police state knows no boundaries, folks. Thanks to Travis Holte for the link.

8:37 am on April 12, 2012