The Back-Shooting Cops of Jericho, Arkansas

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So, here’s the scenario:

A man goes to court to contest a traffic ticket. At least three, and as many as seven, police officers are present. A “scuffle” breaks out between the badly outnumbered man and the police, which ends when one of the police draws his firearm and shoots the man in the back.

Question: Who gets charged with a crime, and what is the charge?

The shooting victim, of course:

“A man shot by cops inside a small town courtroom in Arkansas will soon be charged with battery on a police officer according to the West Memphis City Prosecutor. The shooting happened two weeks ago in Jericho.
Fire chief Don Payne was arguing a traffic ticket, and got into an argument with officers. One of the officers shot Payne in the back.”

None of the police officers, including the one who attempted to murder Payne with a firearm — thereby injuring one of his fellow donut-grazers, and endangering several others — will be charged with a crime, according to West Memphis City Prosecutor Lindsey Fairley.

8:23 pm on September 12, 2009