The Authentic History Center

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As a high school history teacher one of the websites I have found very illuminating and useful is The Authentic History Center. The site endeavors to tell the story of the United States primarily through popular culture. It was created to teach that the everyday objects in society have authentic historical value and reflect the social consciousness of the era that produced them. New interpretive sections are added when substantial resources have been collected. Until then, incomplete collections are presented as digital archives without comment for individual study. The site is a work in progress. Particularly interesting is the vast array of popular music of a topical nature which can be accessed. Here are several unique items LRC devotees may not have encountered before: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5). Treasure Chest was a monthly comic book I was required to read in the Catholic parochial elementary school I attended. Here is the series, “This Godless Communism,” which laid out the Church’s contemporary perspective on the Cold War. Lastly, here is a wonderful collection of Iran-Contra Scandal Trading Cards from 1988.

12:36 pm on December 9, 2012