The Article That Got Dr. Katz Fired?

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A quick look at Dr. Katz’s articles reveal him to be intelligent and reasonable, and he is clearly a problem solver (justification enough to get him fired for competence from any self-respecting government committee). Earlier this year there was a big push from the DOE and the Obama administration to terrify homeowners about their Chinese-made drywall — it was all of a sudden leaking toxic chemicals and the government was telling people go to Lowe’s and Home Depot and buy and install new drywall. It was about the same time the corporate government was telling people to buy GM cars, all in the name of stimulus. Late last year, Dr Katz put forth a cheap and easy solution for any toxic drywall: “…paint the drywall with lime water or lime wash (calcium hydroxide solution). This should soak into the drywall deeply enough to neutralize the excess acidity. Alternatively, a washing soda (sodium carbonate) solution might be used….If the house has forced air ventilation with a humidifier, one of these alkali solutions should be used in the humidifier in place of pure water, and the system run continuously. This would remove hydrogen sulfide from the air.”

His take on terrorism isn’t controversial at all. His short essays on homophobia, learning disabled strategies at universities, and why government subsidy has created too many PhDs all make sense, and shouldn’t have gotten him fired — except by really stupid insecure politicians (sorry if I repeat myself). So it had to be the drywall!

9:09 am on May 20, 2010