The Anniversary of Liberty’s Lauding

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Despite the totalitarianism crushing us, tomorrow commemorates the publication of that sublime paean to human freedom, the Declaration of Independence. Yes, most Americans pervert the day. They deem it a vacation from work – fairly innocuous; not everyone loves history and political philosophy as we do – or, far more heinous, as a chance to strut their nationalism. I’ve seen some effective suggestions for countering the latter, everything from flying the American flag upside down to boycotting parades and fireworks to ostentatiously remaining seated during the pledge of allegiance.

My preferred celebration is to read the Declaration aloud with my husband. We include the signatures: imagine the courage it would take to sign such a statement today against the world’s most powerful empire. We give due weight to the names of men that heroic.

I may start a new tradition this year: watching V for Vendetta. I’m not much of a movie buff, but I make an exception for that one.

I’m also offering my novel, which takes place during the American Revolution, for half the usual price (e-copy only).  If you haven’t already read Halestorm, you may want to take advantage of this sale. Better yet, share the book with your friends – those whose eyes glaze when you mention Hayek, the Fed or dictatorship. Fiction may sway them when facts can’t.

4:29 am on July 3, 2013