The Amplification of Paranoia

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Usually governments are just a tad paranoid that they will not have full control of the situation, or that it will lose credibility, legitimacy, or any of the things that keep them in power. So when there are airport failures in security, crackdowns are the norm. Imprison passengers, compact them into small spaces, make them go through security again. Because the police state is heavily paranoid, whenever someone makes a mistake (like going through the wrong part of the airport, bypassing security), the cost of that action is spread across everyone else. Like a negative externality, the single person’s error is socialized and we all suffer.

Now, I am not an expert in security and don’t claim to be one. In a free market, would all airports behave the same and heavily inconvenience passengers? Not sure but I doubt it. That said, I never give the benefit of the doubt to the state. I oppose both state rules and the state itself.

1:57 pm on January 8, 2010