Shaving on the Amazon

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Interest continues to grow at LCR in more traditional shaving methods. Here are some of the most popular items from

Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor;
Parker Stainless Steel Straight Barber Razor and Blades;
Tweezerman’s Badger Shaving Brush;
Proraso Shaving Soap.

Then there’s the great Come and Take It T-Shirt;

The best-selling books are:

American Empire Before the Fall, by Bruce Fein;
Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
The Backyard Homestead: Produce All the Food You Need on Just a Quarter Acre, by Carleen Madigan.

Thank you again for shopping at the amazing Amazon world market via the links and widgets on LRC. Your support helps keep the best-read libertarian website in the world on the air.

10:35 am on August 10, 2010