The Amazon BUY-cott

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LRC’ers are ordering an amazing assortment of Amazon items, and more than ever. Here are a few that were purchased last week:

Tipsy Onions in Vermouth (for Gibson drinkers and other cocktail traditionalists);
WikiLeaks Freedom Dark T-Shirt (go, Julian!);
For retro-shavers, the Merkur Safety Razor Gift Set (German smoothness);
The Gerber Crucial Tool (wow);
Come Back With a Warrant Doormat (darn right)
Holley Carburetor: 4-Barrel, Manual Choke,  Double Pumper,  Square ( I wonder what classic this is going in);
4″ Concealed Carry Belly-Wrap Holster for Two Guns.

Best-selling books last week:

Up From the Projects: An Autobiography, by Walter E. Williams;
Great Wars and Great Leaders: a Libertarian Rebuttal, by Ralph Raico;
Human Action Pocket Edition, by Ludwig von Mises;

Thank you so much for continuing to support LRC with your Amazon purchases. Our site gets a commission at no cost to you, and Amazon is an efficient and money-saving way to get the products you want shipped to your doorstep or a gift-recipient’s, lickety-split.  Just start your shopping by clicking on any Amazon ad or widget on the site.

12:22 pm on December 13, 2010