The All New ‘Cops Gone Wild’

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It’s time to ring in the New Year to the same old police brutality. Here are three random samples of the continuing growth of the United Police States of America.

Video One. A wussy cop tasers a 14-year old girl for not obeying His Royal Highness’s command to be tortured.

[Thanks to Don Cooper]
Video Two. A tough cop (“tough,” because he has a gun) points his loaded gun at an unarmed woman’s head.

Video Three. I saved the best (or should I say worst) for last. A female cop (and you thought women were more sensitive than men) throws an elderly handicapped woman to the ground. (I sure can see the imminent “threat” to the cop’s life here.)

UPDATE: The wussy cop who tased the 14-year old girl has been fired. [Thanks to Dan Whiteside]

4:56 pm on January 3, 2011