The ADA is a Totalitarian Arm of the State

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The ADA, or American Dietetic Association, is one of the most political and amoral quasi-governmental arms from Big Government’s food machine. This organization has been pushing hard and fast to build up its monopoly on dispensing nutrition advice and insure that only its licensees – its kept subjects who are brainwashed with the conventional wisdom – can give out nutritional advice. The American Disease Association is funded by pharmaceutical companies, the pasteurized dairy oligarchy, and the corporate state giants that make up Big Food: Coca-Cola, Hershey, PepsiCo, Mars.

Meanwhile, there is Steve Cooksey, the Diabetes Warrior, a primal blogger who minds his own business and who was inspired by Mark Sisson’s writings to give up the standard diabetes protocol and go primal, eating low carb, real meat, and real food, as opposed to the ADA’s recommended daily dose of sugar. Steve got healthy, and as such, he loves to write about his new life. Steve’s website is very popular in the paleo world. Here is Steve’s story about the dietician dictocrats who are trying to shut him up:

Fact #1- I attended a nutritional seminar January 12, 2012.  I spoke up against the normal deceptions and falsehoods that cause diabetics harm.

Fact #2- Someone took offense to my statements, found me on the internet and reviewed my site. They then reported me to the North Carolina Board of Dietitians.

Fact #3 - I received a phone call from the director of the State Board of Dietitians. To be fair and honest… she was very nice, polite and informative.

However…. She stated that I, as a non-licensed person could provide NO dietary or nutritional advice… period.   It makes no difference if I am giving the advice away or if it’s for a fee.

She also stated that having a ‘diabetes menu’ and or ‘diabetes meal plan’ was the equivalent of providing nutritional advice and was against the regulations.

Fact #4 - She stated that the full “complaint board” would review my site and provide a written review of the investigation, hopefully by the end of this month, January.  She added that even IF convicted, it would only be a misdemeanor but typically these cases end without litigation, if the person agrees to change their behaviors or websites.

You must go to the investigation review link to see the government paperwork from bureaucrats trolling Steve’s website and writing up his crimes in red ink.

12:36 pm on March 4, 2012