The Abominable Arpaio Also On TV

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It’s not enough to see the feds in a new TV show. Those who live under the tyranny of Sheriff Arpaio now will be delighted to know that he’s getting his TV show:

“Sheriff Joe is an absolute natural,” producer Scott Satin says. “He should have his own late-night talk show. He’s wonderful on camera because he’s not acting. He is a very sincere person.”

Lisa Allen, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, says it wasn’t a snap decision to agree to participate.

“A lot of thought and a lot of meetings went into it,” she says. “It was a unique marriage between law enforcement and entertainment, and we had to make sure it was right.”

So far, it looks like a successful marriage: About 400 warrants were cleared through the show. The show targeted people who had warrants issued for their arrests after failing to show up for court dates.

“That’s what we hope people take from the show,” Satin says. “If you have a court date, don’t blow it off. That will get you in trouble.”

Add this to the list of shows that are unbearable to watch, the top one probably being COPS.

10:53 am on December 18, 2008