That Sisson Podcast

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Writes Patrick Phillips:

“I just listened to your Mark Sisson podcast and it was fantastic! I’ve listened to practically every interview he’s done, and what was special about this one was the angle from which he made his case. As the interview got underway, he seemed to wonder how best to present his work to this sort of audience. You guided the discussion into outing Mark’s burning inner libertarian. NICE work!

“Thank you as well for the previous podcast with Jeff Berwick. I had just been commenting to my wife on how I’d love to know more about your personal journey to the place you’re at now. It’s an inspirational story, and I hope you’ll talk and write more about it.

“Oh, one request…Any chance of getting an interview with Gary Taubes? There’s an inner libertarian in him as well, I suspect.”

4:28 pm on November 16, 2011