T‘hat’ Is Tyranny!

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Last Monday, my friend and well known freedom activist Pete Eyre was arrested for wearing a hat. Yes, really.

Pete was in court on an unusually cold morning in Keene, NH to support another friend who was facing some spurious charges. Before the judge even arrived, a bailiff told Pete to remove the hat he was wearing. Pete began to ask questions, but he didn’t have time to say much before three men tackled and handcuffed him. Pete did not resist, but was subjected to some very heavy handed treatment regardless — all for sitting quietly and peacefully in court while wearing a hat.

Here’s a video of what happened (note: Pete has since been released from jail). This news release has more details, but it sums up the situation pretty well: “When a gesture of respect becomes mandatory, it becomes an act of submission.”

Check out FreePete.org for more information, including a nice commentary by Mike Ruff. Pete was  jailed for four days when he did not identify himself after the arrest. But unfortunately, Pete’s business partner Ademo Freeman (Adam Mueller) is currently still in jail in Keene, NH. He was jailed for 60 days for speaking out in court during Pete’s arraignment.

4:52 pm on January 31, 2011