That “Insensitive” Rick Perry

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In the eyes of an American leftist the Biggest Sin Imaginable is to be “insensitive” — especially to one of the left’s Official Mascot Groups (women, gaylesbiantransvestites, minorities, bla, bla, bla). ( It’s fine to be not only insensitive but rude, crude, insulting, libeling, slandering, and character- assassinating to conservatives and libertarians, calling them racists, fascists, etc. at the drop of a hat). So, when Governor Rick Perry of Texas visited Maryland recently to lure business to his state from high-tax Maryland, the state’s leftist ideologues in the government and at the Baltimore Sun were outraged — OUTRAGED!!! — that Perry visited the Beretta firearms factory in the state the day after the Washington Navy Yard murders.  He’s soooooooooooooooooooo INSENSITIVE! screeched one of the house feminists at the Baltimore Sun.

But the only way that Governor Perry’s visit to Beretta could be construed as “insensitive” is if one adheres to the asinine and moronic belief that a gun, and not a human, was responsible for the Washington Navy Yard murders.  Such antics speak volumes about what a society of morons America — or at least parts of it like Maryland — has become.  (It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway — that if employees at the Washington Navy Yard were allowed by the government to carry Beretta handguns there never would have been a massacre there this week).


4:04 pm on September 19, 2013