That Door Should Swing Both Ways

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“UBS CEO Gruebel resigns after $2.3B loss,” reads the headline. Yet I have noticed no American politician resigning in disgrace over losing several trillion of the taxpayer’s dollars.

Business owners are routinely dragged before some Capitol Hill subcommittee on a specious political pretext to be harassed by nauseous questions that undergrad senate interns prepare for their bloviating bosses. Here are men who give jobs to tens of thousands of people who produce and sell products that consumers buy voluntarily. They are  forced from their salutary efforts by slugs who would be in jail, were they to perpetrate their horrors anywhere else but Washington. Often they are forced to hire, at astronomical fees, former interns of the bloviators, who are now “lobbyists,” to advise them.

Meanwhile, not one political slug apologizes for destroying the economy, the dollar, our liberties, our families…instead, they up the ante, add a few zeroes, and, when they finally leave, they write a memoir — generic title: “Why you taxpaying swine should be more grateful!”

Mr. Gruebel has resigned because one of his employees brought disgrace and financial loss to his company and its owner-stockholders. Did any U.S. government official — anyone, anywhere — ever resign in disgrace after the U.S. government’s massive failure to defend us from the 9-11 attacks?

Alcoholics Anonymous requires that the addict who desires rehab must not only apologize to those he has hurt, but make restitution. I wonder, in some plush hideaway office in that billion-dollar “visitors’ center” at the Capitol, do a few guilt-ridden members ever gather in Politicians Anonymous meetings? If so, will they ever apologize? Will they ever make restitution?

2:47 pm on September 24, 2011