That Bow

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Writes Abdullah:

I wanted to drop you a note on a Muslim perspective of the bow. I’ve visited a few Republican blogs regarding the bow, and most of them are offensive and ignorant. Ignorant in that more than a few are bringing up the secret Muslim accusations which only display a lack of even remedial knowledge of the religion.

Now, Obama’s been globe-trotting and claiming his youthful experience in a Muslim land has given him a greater understanding of Islam. Clearly, this is not true as it is STRICTLY forbidden to bow to anyone (or thing) but God in Islam. To top that off, he bowed to perhaps the least respected leader in the eyes of most Muslims/Arabs.

It’s not really an epiphany that he’s not well versed (or honest) in yet another subject. After all, it seems, at least in my adult life, that the only requirement to become an elected official is to be a good actor. Maybe not even good.

8:46 pm on April 8, 2009