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Writes Scott Tibbetts:

I have now been reading the articles and your articles for about nine months now. So good! Such clarity!

At your recommendations, I had my wife order for my birthday The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism and The Mystery of Banking. I devoured the first book, and Rothbard’s, I simply don’t want to end.

In one of your fall ’08 articles you said that watching the current events unfold was like “watching a train go over a cliff in slow motion.” This is the quote of the century, and I refer to it often, every time I read the latest thing the gov’t does.

In scanning over your articles, they all could be written again today as the gov’t continues to make the same mistakes again and again.
But as you said in one article, just to have understanding of the situation is comforting. I’m not panicking. In a sense I feel like a party outside the action, watching not only events unfold, but with understanding knowing why they’re unfolding, and having a sense of being able to predict what will come next.

Thank you, Austrian economics! Years of news and college have not taught me what I’ve learned in this past nine months about political-economic affairs.

Thank you for your good work getting out these enduring truths of economics.

1:34 am on March 26, 2009