Thanks, Mark!

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Writes Marla Flint:

“I was listening to Mark Levin on the Sirius Patriot channel this evening. He was slamming Ron Paul, your website, and the John Birch Society. He was ranting and raving like a lunatic, and invited listeners to check out your website to see what kind of articles you have. I chuckled to myself, because you’ll have a whole new bunch of subscribers after that crazy tirade! You ought to thank him!”

Writes Pete DiOrio:

“Mark Levin just spent the hour entertaining himself at the expense of Ron Paul, Tom Woods, LRC, and anyone who associates with, believes in, or follows them. He also got in plugs for the Cato and Reason crowd, and blared that he would never debate Woods.* The ‘great one’ is a coward and a bully hiding behind a microphone.”
*For the same reason, as Bill Buckley once said, baloney avoids the slicer.

Writes Josh Crosby:

“Is Mark Levin a Manchurian Idiot? He’s just helping Tom Woods and LRC get more attention than ever.”

Writes Tom Woods:

“‘I’ll Never Debate Woods.’ That’s what Mark Levin said on his program last night. His reason? Doing so would make me ‘famous.’ It has nothing to do with any fear that he might be crushed in such a debate. No, no, citizen. It is his patriotic duty not to debate me.

“Here’s how our last exchange turned out. Check out the links and you might get a better sense of why he won’t debate.

“(Levin repeatedly refers to me as a ‘lightweight.’ Well, Mark, I’m not one to boast — and remember, you brought it up, not me — but I’ll gladly put up my credentials against yours.)

“On the other hand, not debating me gives him more time to stump for such luminaries as Orrin Hatch and fake-of-the-month Rick Perry, his guest tonight.”

Writes Brian Wilson:

“Galatians 5:9
9 A little LEVIN corrupteth the whole lump.
(The New Wilson Revised First Materialist Church Bible)

Pastor Brian

8:53 am on September 1, 2011