Thanks for the Warning, Jean-Luc

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“’[Ed Snowden] was an IT administrator responsible for moving data to a common Web site,‘ [Gen. Keith] Alexander[, chief spook at the NSA who built himself an office modeled on the Starship Enterprise] said, explaining how [Snowden] gained access to thousands of sensitive documents. ‘We trusted him and he betrayed that trust. That won’t happen again.’”

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? What, will the Feds snuff any future Snowdens before they can publish documents? Yo, Jean-Luc: maybe your buddies in the Navy SEALs can stand by should you need an analyst iced; I understand they can find dead men on dialysis, resurrect them, and kill them again before dumping their bodies at sea.

In any event, it behooves us to heed and cherish every secret tumbling from the trove Heroic Ed liberated since, if Jean-Luc has his way, this is the last bit of “transparency” we’ll see from the NSA.

2:32 pm on September 29, 2013