Thank You, David Gordon

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I just read Part I of David Gordon’s The Kochtopus vs. Murray N. Rothbard. Even though I’ve been paying attention to the Cato Institute and been involved with the Mises Institute for over ten years I have been having trouble getting the full story on the animosity. I had put together bits and pieces but David is really laying it all out in a way that I think my generation (and younger) of libertarians deserve to know.

I had figured out ten years ago that not all was sweetness and light in libertarian-land, and I realized back then that however much I might wish to ignore movement history it was nevertheless going to continue to affect this movement of ours. The Ron Paul campaign has made this abundantly clear to any who had missed this before.

I think the best that David’s generation can give us now is just to let us know what the score is and bring everything into the light. Trying to just ignore the history of this feud is not going to make it go away. Thank you, David.

11:48 pm on April 22, 2008