Thank You Abraham Lincoln, Jr.

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A reader, TS, tipped me off to Lew’s latest fan club member, one Adam Yoshida, who has been mentioned on this blog. I read this here, and thought it was a joke site, or either that, I thought I was reading the Commandments of an escaped asylum inhabitant. But I retract, for this guy has read at least two passages from Lincoln in his lifetime, has memorized them well, and he is indeed serious. See #s 1, 2, 6, and 9 for direct Lincolnian influences.

This is a hoot, because he really does have some kind of ties to something called the “freedom institute.” TS writes that he is the “British Columbia Director of the Freedom Institute.”

Here he says “society, and by extension the state as well, does have a place in our bedrooms, if only as a last resort. The breakdown of moral order is every bit as grave a threat as the breakdown of social order.” Why he’s a Canadian Bork-VD Hanson-Fukuyama-Lincoln in the making, with a twist of Stalin thrown in. If this is “freedom,” please, show me to the brig.

8:30 pm on May 5, 2004