“Thank A Soldier” Items

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John Lofton’s exchange with a cashier lady at a local bookstore when buying a newspaper:

thank a soldier

ME (gesturing toward “Thank A Soldier” items): “What should I thank them for?”

LADY (after slight pause): “For protecting you.”

ME: “Are they REALLY doing that? Or are they putting me in greater danger because of the unGodly, unConstitutional wars they are waging.”

LADY: “That’s the government’s doing.”

ME: “But I thought the soldiers work for the government.”

LADY: “They are just doing what the government tells them to do.”

ME: “The Nazis at Nuremberg tried that only-following-orders defense and they were hung by the neck until dead.”

LADY: “My son is in the military and I looked at one of his ID cards and it said he is the property of the US government.” She shrugs as if to say, “Ain’t that something?”

4:47 pm on April 24, 2013