Terrorists To Receive Preferential Treatment From the TSA

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The real terrorists in the world, the men and women in the United States military who murder innocent people around the world in order to bring about the One World Government plan of the Banksters, will soon be getting preferential treatment from the Terrorist Scam Administration when being screened at airports. Well, considering how successful this phony “War on Terror” has been going these past 10 years (since the False Flag 9/11 operation), these terrorists certainly deserve this perk—thanks to their great contribution to the “cause.”

So, let’s see: The vast majority of air travelers—especially business air travelers who produce peaceful products and services for humanity—still have to put up with these meaningless, time-wasting “security” delays when traveling. But the air travelers who bring death and destruction to the world will now have some time saved for them in order to get back sooner to bringing death and destruction to the world.

Welcome to The New World Order, folks.

[Thanks to Don Cooper]

1:06 pm on December 13, 2011