Terrorism As A Convenient Device

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Americans are foolish not to object to many impositions that arise from the extreme antics of various pressure groups. The anti-gun lobby is using terrorism as a convenient gimmick to jack up the penalties on ordinary misdemeanors and felonies. The extreme law and order lobby, who are disposed to lock people up for spitting on the sidewalk, are using the charge of terrorism for their ends. The crony capitalists in the prison industry are glad to see criminals charged with terrorism. The many companies in the surveillance business are glad to see surveillance extended under the name of stopping terrorists. The extreme feminists who want to make wimps out of young boys are happy to use the cloud cover of terrorism to impose strict rules on boys in school and to call the police for the most ridiculous of “infractions”. The anti-hate lobbies, who are happy to see hate laws passed, are overjoyed to see similar anti-terror laws passed and to identify hate and terror as one. The local police are happy to use terrorism as an excuse to get all sorts of subsidized military contrivances and equipment. The lawmakers are only too happy to be seen doing something about terrorists by passing more laws. The bureaucrats running the DHS are pleased when any sort of terrorist attack, real or trumped up, occurs on American soil or when they can add another homegrown terrorist to a tally, because these events assure them that their budgets will rise.

Who is not seeing some private benefit to “terrorism”? Who is not using it as a convenient cover for getting some goodies for themselves or advancing their agendas? Well, I’m not. Young children are not. People being molested at airports are not. People who like to travel freely without being stopped and searched are not. People who do not wish to see men with automatic weapons and combat gear at every mass event are not. People who want their communications private are not. People who would like their children treated sensibly, not as criminals and potential criminals are not. That’s for starters. But all these people and more are disorganized, whereas the terror lobbies are organized. This is how government produces more and more bads and no goods.

9:58 am on June 30, 2013