Tempers Flare In The Walter Block (Anarchist) vs. Jan Helfeld (Minarchist) Debate

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Jan Helfeld claims that the government “doesn’t mug you” it “protects you.” He says that people are “paying for a service.” Helfeld defends the “implied contract” argument and posits that an “arms race” would ensue without the state. See Walter Block counter these and other statements made by minarchist Jan Helfeld in this two hour plus debate.

For more on Dr. Walter Block’s views on minarchism see link below:


by Luis Rivera III

Walter Block vs. Jan Helfeld!

Below is the post cap of what occured during the debate according to Walter Block and Jen Helfeld respectively:
Walter Block’s analysis of the debate:

Jan Helfeld’s analysis of the debate:

11:50 am on May 30, 2014