Tea Party Movement

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I have said that Buffalo is the front line in America’s war against big government. Naturally we are having two tea parties, one for our bloated and corrupt state government, and a second one for the murderous kleptocracy on the Potomac. I am speaking at both. Tomorrow (Sat.) at 2pm and again on April 18th.

At the latter event, once my team of lawyers clears my text, I will roll out a plan for using direct citizen action to smash The State that will give Chris Matthews a chill (not thrill) up his leg.

Sure, the tea party movement has various GOP front operations trying to steer it off course and there are rumors that the Kochtopus is involved–lethal to any serious movement. (How to tell a front operation? If a website you never heard of starts popping up all over and looks like it cost $100,000.)

But I can assure you that at the heart of the movement is a largely spontaneous and genuine populist and even libertarian spirit.

Stay tuned.

8:27 pm on March 27, 2009